Hay Day Guides: the Crops that is different farmers Grow


Farming on Hay Day calls for everyday that is long purchase to plant and harvest most of the plants you are able to develop. Being a farmer this is certainly virtual patience and knowledge to grow most of the offered crops successfully for a profit.

Hay Day Hack farmers can grow 21 crops being various their particular land. Each will probably be worth a quantity that’s certain of when offered during the market and takes a particular amount of time to develop to maturity. Generally speaking, each crop needs a previously gathered crop associated with the type this is certainly exact same plant into the ground.

Hay time crops may also be used in various items you make from the farm and farmers receive lots that’s certain of things for growing and harvesting every type of crop.

Below we speak about all the 21 plants which can be various time farmers can grow on their facilities.

Hay time farmers can begin developing and grain this is certainly picking degree 1
Takes two minutes of game time and energy to develop to maturity
Great for farming knowledge points
1 experience point awarded per harvest


Hay corn is a crop farmers can grow at level 2 day
Provides 5 moments of game time to reach maturity
Utilized in the production of 8 things
1 knowledge point awarded


Carrots is grown starting at degree 9
Takes 10 mins of online game time and energy to grow to maturity
Hay farmers gain 2 experience points per harvest day
Utilized to produce 7 items which are very different
Sold for 1-7 coins in market


Hay Day farmers can beginning soybean this is certainly developing amount 5
Provides 20 minutes to grow to readiness
Accept 2 experience things per harvest
Farmers obtain 3 soybean at beginning of amount 5
Familiar with produce 4 items that are different


Hay time farmers can begin sugarcane this is certainly farming degree 7
Takes half an hour to grow to readiness
Used in the production of 3 items
Receive 3 knowledge things per collect


Begin agriculture indigo at degree 13
Takes 2 hours to grow to readiness
Hay farmers get 5 knowledge points per harvest day
Sold for 1-25 coins in market
May be used to make two items which are different


Hay Day farmers can start pumpkin this is certainly developing level 15
Takes 3 hours to develop to readiness
Gain 6 knowledge points per collect
Can create 2 items pumpkin that is utilizing

Chili Pepper

Hay farmers can start developing at degree 25 time
Takes 4 hours to develop to maturity
Enjoy 7 knowledge per collect
Utilized in creation of 6 products


Hay can start developing at amount one month
Takes 6 hours to grow to maturity
Enjoy 8 knowledge things per collect
Utilized in production of 7 products


Begin developing at amount 34
Takes 8 hours to develop to readiness
Hay farmers receive 10 experience points per collect day
Found in the creation of 5 products


Hay apples are harvested from apple woods on your farm time
Unlocked at degree 15
Each apple tree prices 160 coins and may be gathered 3 x
16 hours to harvest time
7 knowledge points awarded per collect
Utilized in creation of 4 products


Hay raspberries are harvested from raspberry bushes day
Each raspberry bush costs 220 coins and can be harvested 4 times
Begin agriculture at level 19
Takes 18 hours to develop to readiness
9 experience things granted per harvest


Hay cherries are cultivated beginning at degree 22 time
Takes 28 hours to develop to readiness
Developed on cherry woods
4 various items can be made cherries being making use of
13 experience granted per harvest


Blackberry are cultivated starting at degree 26
Takes 36 hours to develop to readiness
Brown on blackberry bushes
Hay farmers get 16 experience per collect time
Found in creation of 3 items


Hay farmers can begin growing at level 36 time
Takes 34 hours to cultivate to maturity
Developed on Cacao trees
16 knowledge per harvest
7 items which are various be produced


Hay farmers start developing at amount 42 day
a day to develop to readiness
Developed on coffee bushes
Receive 12 experience per harvest
4 items which are different be produced


Hay Day farmers can start potatoes that are developing degree 35
Takes 3 hours and 40 mins to cultivate to maturity
7 knowledge points her collect
7 different things can be made potatoes being making use of

Hay Rice day

Start developing at amount 56
Takes 45 minutes to grow to readiness
3 experience per collect
3 items could be created


Hay Day farmers can start lettuce that is developing level 58
Takes 3 hours and 30 minutes to develop
7 knowledge per harvest
6 items that are different be made


Lemons may be cultivated beginning at level 66
Provides 1 and 5 hours to develop day
Hay farmers gain 18 experience per harvest time
Grown on lemon tree
Only lemon curd is made lemons that are using


Can start growing at degree 57
24 hours to cultivate to readiness
Harvested from olive woods
2 items could be made olives which can be making use of
Olive trees could be harvested as much as 3 times
Hay farmers receive 17 experience per harvest time

The 21 several types of crops Hay farmers can develop on their farms all have their particular uses day. Deciding the plants which can be correct grow in order to make the maximum profit is one thing I will protect in future Hay Day guides.

Until then, pleased agriculture!


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